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Stockists of Box Profile Steel Sheets, Insulated Panels, Roofing Sheets and GRP Roof Lights.

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GRP - Fibreglass Clear Sheets

GRP Roof lights are an excellent way to bring in natural light into buildings.

There are over 400 different profiles most of which we carry in stock. They come in a variety of sizes and profiles (few examples below) Matching profiles on old asbestos roof i.e. "BIG SIX, DOUBLE SIX, STANDARD 3, CAPE MONAD, MAJOR TILE etc.

Standard 3Standard 3
Trafford TileTrafford Tile
Big SixBig Six
Cape FortCape Fort
Double SixDoublesix
Major TileMajor Tile
Cape MonadCape Monad
Gleno 252Gleno 252
Cladcolor RevCladcolour 34
1000 Linear1000 Linear
3 Pan3 Pan
4 Pan4 Pan

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